Legends Of The Fall

It’s time to hit the stores in search of those few items that will help you look hot as the weather cools. TIP SHEET asked Faran Krentcil, editor of fashionista.com, what to buy:

Long leather gloves. “I can’t champion these enough. They look so chic, and they’re a great way to stretch out your autumn outerwear [into winter].” Marc Jacobs and Prada popularized them, but Vera Wang makes a more affordable variety for Kohl’s ($50 at kohls.com).

Wide-leg jeans. The reign of tight, low-rider jeans is finally over. Look for denim that rides higher on your waist and has more room in the leg. Krentcil suggests wearing them with a heel. “A little elevation goes a long way with this fit,” she says. “Otherwise, you could look stumpy.” Look for the Made in Heaven brand at Intermix stores or for Grey Ant jeans ($253 to $330) at shopbop.com.

Plastic accessories. Good news for your wallet: the trendiest jewelry this season is more likely to turn up at Target than Tiffany. Look for colorful plastic rings ($35) at madeher think.com or for the Dominique Cohen line at Target stores (from $14.99). “But don’t overdo it,” says Krentcil.

Colored tights. Wear blue or purple with a black dress. And don’t be afraid to pair them with open-toed shoes— yet another great way to move your warm-weather items into winter.