Let the Sunshine In

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.--Another day, another completely unpredictable presidential contest.

Two weeks ago, it looked like the Florida primary would be a four man free-for-all: Mitt Romney vs. John McCain vs. Rudy Giuliani vs. Mike Huckabee. Since then, the field has narrowed, and as the voters of Florida finally head to the polls today, it appears they'll choose either Romney, the economic Mr. Fix-It, or McCain, the national security flyboy. That said, no one has any idea which of the two they'll choose; the latest surveys show the frontrunners neck-and-neck at about 30 percent. The stakes couldn't be higher--whomever caps the bitter Sunshine State battle with a win will ride into Super Tuesday with the last, precious piece of momentum, and in such a fractured, overdrawn field, the Big Mo could make all the difference. With the trail largely deserted, I'll spend the day posting short analyses of what's next for Romney, McCain, Giuliani and Huckabee.

Stayed tuned, and thanks for reading,