Letters: 'How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sarah?'

Your cover image was clearly intended to erode her credibility by placing her in the role of a sex object.
Larry Hillis, Moab, Utah

Sarah Palin is a college-educated mother and former mayor, governor, and VP candidate. She deserves a respectful discourse of her political views and professional work. Women have worked too hard and too long for their respect to tolerate this type of treatment. She deserves better, and women deserve better.
Carla Birk, Austin, Texas

Your sexist cover offends not just Sarah Palin, but women everywhere. The efforts to reduce her to a cartoon are the same misogynist garbage thrown at Senator Clinton in the 2008 presidential campaign. You ridicule her, post offensive pictures of her, talk about her clothes, but you do not view her as a serious person.
David Stewart, National Organization for Women, Davenport, Iowa

Why did NEWSWEEK pick this image for the cover? Would you have put a picture of President Obama shirtless at the beach on the cover with a headline about his economic policy?
Jim Pratt, St. Louis, Mo.

I am not a Palin supporter. But what NEWSWEEK did by choosing that photo of her for the cover is beyond a disgrace. Love her or hate her, there's no denying she has accomplished more than most women or men will in their lives and deserves to be treated with the same courtesy that would be granted to any man in a similar position.
Angela Parsons, Philadelphia, Pa.

"How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sarah?" Certainly not by giving her another cover!
Jeff Crandall, Canastota, N.Y.

You did not spark a debate in my mind about Palin, but instead opened up doubt about your ability to deliver the highest level of journalism.
Victoria del Mundo Dainas, San Francisco, Calif.

Thank you for showing Sarah Palin for who she really is—the Paris Hilton of politics, now famous for being famous and nothing more.
Margo Fox Picou, Towanda, Pa.

Palin and her handlers are clearly not averse to leveraging her physical appeal. Isn't it time we admit that, in a visual era, a beautiful woman just might have an advantage that has little to do with her credentials or her politics?
Liz Batchelder, Portland, Ore.

I could not be happier to see Palin on the cover in her running gear! I find her very inspirational. She has a large family, a great career, and still finds time to run. Perhaps this photo will motivate one more American to hit the road to good health.
Shirin Farahani, houston, Texas

I love the cover. She should be proud of how she looks and needs to realize that when they stop talking about her is when she should worry.
Molly Hoover, Pittsburgh, Pa.