Level Up

Peter Moore, Microsoft Corp.'s vice president for entertainment and devices, is responsible for the Xbox 360 gaming platform. While the original Xbox was a distant second to Sony's PlayStation 2, the 360 has jumped ahead of the PS3, but still trails Nintendo's Wii. That's where Moore feels at home—sneaking up on his competitors.

Croal: Do you actually prefer being second in the marketplace?
Moore: Absolutely. I've always enjoyed being that feisty second-place guy. When you finally become the market leader, you ask yourself, "OK, how do I keep the adrenaline flowing every day?" And I often wonder whether that has been, in the last six to nine months, part of Sony's problem.

If you get to No. 1, do you have a plan for it?
One of my heroes is Sir Winston Churchill. When victory was declared in Europe, they kicked Churchill's ass out of there, because they didn't need a warrior; they needed somebody to rebuild the country. The goal is to make sure that [we] don't fall into complacency.