Level Up

Sony and Microsoft had been stealing market share and had the leg up in "cool factor" over Nintendo's Gamecube platform. But with the Wii, Nintendo won back the support of developers and publishers. We asked Nintendo of America president Reginald Fils-Aime how they did it.

How much of Nintendo's success was planned, and how much was it a matter of faith?
A large part of where we are today, I anticipated with hard work, with great products ... Make no mistake, our success has been thought through, planned, and we've been fortunate in being able to execute as well as we have.

There were no momentsof crisis?
I'll tell a story. Early in my tenure, I ... spent quite a bit of time with one particular [game] publisher, partly for me to learn the business, but also partly to see how they saw Nintendo and to talk about business opportunity. That publisher was Ubisoft, that executive was Laurent Detoc, and that conversation helped sow the seeds for a much better relationship that we have not only with Ubisoft, but with many, many publishers.