Avoid "Rebirth." J. Lo needs one after that Grammy performance, but judging by her new single, "Get Right," and the fact that Sony wouldn't give up a review copy, it may be more like a "Nail in the Coffin."

Buy "Classic Comedies Collection" ($69). A box set that includes "The Philadelphia Story," "Bringing Up Baby" and four other titles with greats like Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant.

Read "Campo Santo" by W. G. Sebald (Random House. $25). A posthumous collection of prose from the German writer. For a bookstore browse, try the essay "Dream Textures: A Brief Note on Nabokov."

Play Ms. Pac-Man wireless ($30). Now you can plug the addictive game into your TV and sit way, way back--the controller's cordless.

See "Their Eyes Were Watching God." Yours will be on Halle, in her steamiest sex scene since "Monster's Ball." What else would you watch for? (Sunday, ABC, 9 p.m., ET).