RENT "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow." Hey, Jude--sorry no one saw your movies last year. This was your best... next to "Alfie" and "Closer." But it sure beats "I [HEART] Huckabees."

EAT Pillsbury ice cream. The Doughboy rolls out his new line ($5.49 for a carton), in seven flavors. Our favorite: Brownies 'n Cream. Sadly, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough tasted crumby.

SEE Oscar nominations, announced Tuesday at 8:30 a.m., ET, by Adrien Brody. Our prediction: he won't get a nod for "The Village."

HEAR "In Good Company" has the best soundtrack since "Garden State." It includes Aretha, Diana Krall and Peter Gabriel. The song to download: David Byrne's "Glass, Concrete & Stone."

READ "Five Quarts: A Personal and Natural History of Blood," by Bill Hayes ($23.95), traces the cultural significance of blood, dating to Dracula. It's the perfect gift for the phlebotomist in your life--or (nudge, nudge, Brad) Angelina Jolie.