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    To Live and Die in Damascus

    Famine, junk food, weight gain, shisha smoking, and trouble with the in-laws in Syria’s war-torn capital
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    Hometown Helper

    BlackBerry was in trouble—and then Fairfax Holdings stepped in.
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    The Comeback Queen

    Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has deftly used domestic and international crises to turn her declining popularity around.
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    A Menace for Good

    Hall-of-famer Brendan Shanahan punishes those who target the head.
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    A First for Germany

    Senegalese-born Karamba Diaby just won a seat in Parliament in a historic election.
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    Righteous Fury

    The American who prosecuted a notorious African war criminal for a decade.
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    An Uncensored Candidate

    Steve Lonegan is a very conservative politician in a pretty liberal state, but at least you can’t accuse him of pandering.
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    The Man Who Broke the Internet

    With a widely watched video stunt, Jimmy Kimmel raked in the ratings. But some say the television host damaged YouTube’s credibility in the process.
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    Kingmaker in the Making

    A Democratic Iowa congressman could inherit one of the nation’s heavier mantles when Senator Harkin retires next year.
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    A Tall Order

    The sky isn’t the limit for an architect building the world’s first invisible skyscraper.
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    Moderate or Loyalist?

    Shelley Moore Capito is likely to be the next senator from West Virginia—if her own party doesn’t get in the way.
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    From Jezebel to Gray Lady

    The founder of an attitudinal website lands a book column at a venerable newspaper. Is old media the new new?
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    The Italian Idol

    Forget about age, baldness, or any lines on his face—actor Toni Servillo is adored, admired, and desired.
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    Senator Oddball

    The unpredictable Tom Coburn surprises Washington yet again.
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    The Bachelor

    Could Cory Booker be elected president without getting married?
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    Exporting Homophobia

    A British parliamentarian accuses Moscow of diplomatic shenanigans and bigotry.
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    Arsenio Is Back

    The millennials may not know him. But watch out: the adventurous television host returns.
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    Family Ties

    Michelle Nunn wants to end the Democrats’ losing streak in Georgia and win back her father’s Senate seat.
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    Talk, Now Walk?

    Eric Garcetti, L.A.’s new mayor, knows how to send signals. Will he know how to govern?
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    The Tower of Tennis

    John Isner is the brightest American hope on the court, but can he win the U.S. Open?
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    Preventing Pandemics

    In a remote corner of the world, an American lieutenant colonel is helping with the construction of a high-tech laboratory to study and prevent the spread of anthrax and the plague.