Man Behind Goldman Sachs Elevator Twitter Feed Lands Another Book Deal After Losing His First

Goldman Sachs elevator tweet
Mark Lefevre never worked for Goldman and has been accused of stealing jokes

Everyone’s favorite sometimes-joke-stealing parody tweeter has just found himself a book deal to make up for the one Simon & Schuster snatched away earlier this month.

Mark Lefevre, the once-anonymous creator of @GSElevator, will have his new book, Straight to Hell, published by Grove Atlantic in November.

In a press release announcing the acquisition, Grove Atlantic praised the “shamelessly voyeuristic insights” Lefevre tweeted from @GSElevator, pushing aside for a moment the fact that Lefevre was never inside the Goldman Sachs elevator but was instead just some guy in Texas the whole time.

Lefevre’s new book, which was killed by Simon & Schuster shortly after The New York Times revealed his identity and Business Insider published his open letter accompanied by a photo of him grinning with two really big guns, will be about Lefevre’s experience in international finance while an employee at the investment bank Salomon Brothers.

“It’s about my stories and experiences from my own unique vantage point on Wall Street—the bond syndicate desk. This book pulls the curtain back on the trading floors and road shows to private planes and after-hours overindulgences. I’ve seen it all,” said Lefevre.

Fittingly, Business Insider notes that Lefevre's new deal is under the direction of Morgan Entrekin, whose portfolio of writers includes Bret Easton Ellis, author of American Psycho, and Tucker Max, the alpha-bro behind I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.