Marling Creates Her Own Reality

Brit Marling Jeff Vespa / WireImage-Getty Images

What if there were another Earth—one with living doubles of every human? That out-of-this-world idea comes from the mind of Brit Marling, a Georgetown University valedictorian turned rising force in Hollywood.

Marling, 27, co-wrote and stars in Another Earth (in theaters July 22) as a promising astrophysics student who gets into a tragic accident on the night a duplicate planet is discovered. She strikes up a romance with the man whose family she killed—and what emerges is one of the most thought-provoking films of the year.

It also got enough buzz at Sundance to drastically change her future. “There are moments or choices that happen that take you down a new road that you’ll never go back from,” says Marling.

Indeed, even bigger roles await the indie darling, who co-wrote another Sundance favorite, The Sound of My Voice, and next stars with Richard Gere in the thriller Arbitrage. With so many projects on the horizon, having a doppelgänger to split some of the workload doesn’t sound half bad.