Is McCain Crossing His Fingers for Clinton?

Yesterday, I pointed out that John McCain's attacks on Obama for lacking specifics mirrored Hillary Clinton's--and speculated on how this echo effect could influence superdelegates to decide the Democratic race sooner rather than later. But I didn't weigh in on why McCain, who's no detail man himself, had chosen this particular swipe at this particular time (or why his economic adviser attacked Obama for allegedly plagiarizing Clinton's stimulus plan later in the day). Luckily, the very smart Jonathan Chait at the New Republic has done the heavy lifting for me. His take:

Chait's analysis strikes me as not only possible, but probable. So while we're on the subject of Rovian bank-shot politics, I will respectfully note that Obama leads Mike Huckabee by 16.6 percent in the latest head-to-head polls--a full 13 points more than his margin over McCain. Perhaps the time has come, Senator, to start criticizing McCain for opposing a "right-to-life amendment" and failing to advance past the beginner stage on his bass guitar. You can even throw around the name "Chuck Norris."

McCain will never know what hit him.