If "Million Dollar Baby" (still in limited release) hasn't made it to your corner yet, step into the ring with these worthy contenders. 'Rocky' Stallone improves his game ("Yo, Adrian!") in this 1976 crowd-pleaser that won the Oscar.
'The Champ' Skip the 1931 version in favor of the campy remake with Jon Voight as a washed-up boxer and Rick Schroder as his son.
'Girlfight': A little-seen jewel about a teen girl who trains to take on the boys. The real knockout is star Michelle Rodriguez.
'When We Were Kings' The rare footage in this Ali documentary will remind you why he's the greatest.
'Raging Bull' In this Scorsese classic, Robert De Niro hates on women and pounds men. And you thought he was twisted in "Meet the Fockers."