Movies: Hot Feet (And Abs)

Of the top 10 most searched actors on Yahoo last week, a new guy busted a move. Channing Tatum, star of the upcoming dance movie "Step Up," has developed a cult following--even though he has yet to open a movie (he's had supporting roles in "Coach Carter" and "She's the Man"). Coming from the pages of Abercrombie & Fitch, he's the first male model turned actor to generate Hollywood heat since Ashton Kutcher. "Tons of crazy girls have said to me, 'Channing Tatum is in your movie? Oh, my God, he's so hot!' " says "Step Up" director Anne Fletcher. "When you go onto MySpace, it's insane how many people love this boy." In the movie, he carries the screen opposite a cast of professional dancers, even though he's never trained. "I definitely had my days when my s--t was not working, but everyone was understanding," says Tatum, who is about to start filming the new Kimberly Peirce ("Boys Don't Cry") movie, where he plays a sergeant back from Iraq. "We just wrapped six days of boot camp. I smell like a horse."