Movies: Wanna-Be Carrie

Much has been made of "Sex and the City's" single-girl mythology, with its four Dolce-clad heroines who set off to conquer a larger-than-life version of New York. Now the prospect of seeing Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda go through one more mythopoetic cycle is causing epic preparations. To fete the film, which premiered May 12 in London and opens stateside the weekend of May 30, devotees will be able to indulge in a "Sex and the City" package at New York's Mandarin Oriental (with cocktails like the "Mr. Big Apple-tini" and outings to Jimmy Choo), brunch with female-only networking groups in Baltimore or enter a "SATC" look-alike contest at Boston's Underbar (break out your nameplate necklaces). Patricia Field, the show's designer, is peddling heart-shaped cosmo flasks on her Web site for moviegoers to accessorize.

Most fans, though, are just planning to head to the theater in style. "I've always identified with Carrie," says Rozy Lewis, a Manhattan party planner who's leaning toward a ball gown-and-cardigan ensemble for the premiere. By dressing up, women may be hoping to capture the myth's magic—like men dressing as Yoda to see "Star Wars." But before you laugh at the attack of the Carrie clones, consider this: at least the ladies look good in their outfits.