NewsBeast: March 11, 2011, Ras Lanuf, Libya

Lynsey Addario (far left), Tyler Hicks (at right, in glasses), and other journalists run for cover during a bombing run by the Libyan government on March 11. Paul Conroy / Reuters-Landov

Journalists pause on a day of heavy aerial bombing by troops loyal to Muammar Gaddafi. Lynsey Addario, far left, went missing along with three other journalists (including Tyler Hicks, second from right). They were found soon after in the hands of the Libyan government. Addario, a fearless war photographer, described the conditions in Libya in an earlier interview with NEWSWEEK. “This is by far the most dangerous thing I’ve ever covered. There’s no place to hide. They’re really hitting you from all angles.” She added, “You’re really just sort of praying the whole time.”

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