Foxx stars in "The Kingdom," a thriller about an FBI team investigating a terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia. He spoke to Nicki Gostin.

Did you learn anything about Muslim culture?
Well, my biological father is Muslim, so I know things. But I learned about the culture and everyday life. We went to Abu Dhabi, and it was a breath of fresh air as opposed to what you see on TV. It was beautiful to see the other side in a good light.

You ' re a big movie star. Are you getting offered parts written for white actors?
It's good to have ethnic roles, and it's great to hear them say you're the guy who can handle this. It's like eating pizza. You don't say I'm eating Italian pizza. You just eat pizza. I just want to be pizza.

Would you like to direct someday?
I would love to but I don't think I have the temperament. I think I have ADD.

Do you take Ritalin?
No, just trying to stay focused. Sometimes I keep people like my sister or manager around to hold me down.

Does your sister tell you off?
Oh, yeah. She doesn't even call me Jamie. She calls me Eric, my biological name. She said, "I'm not calling you Jamie, you gotta be kidding me."

You ' re known for your parties. What makes a good host?
A good host lets his hair down, someone who says it's OK to have a good time.

I heard a rumor that I really want to be true: nude basketball parties.
Someone at my house, when I wasn't there, pulled some kind of stunt and the backdrop to my basketball court had been torn down, so the neighbors saw right through. I had to get some gift baskets.

Were they big gift baskets?
Oh, yeah. I've since moved from that house and believe me, the neighbors were really glad. You look around at some of the people I've lived around, they're in the twilight years and all of a sudden I move in next day and they go, what the hell happened?