Rod Stewart has a new album called "Still the Same ... Great Rock Classics of All Time." He spoke with Nicki Gostin.

I am lazy. I've admitted that since 1971. I made my name as an interpreter of songs and I get great pleasure from it.

I don't think people buy my records because I've got good hair! People love my voice--although it is a very good head of hair.

Yeah, one. I'd been nominated 15 times. I was actually enjoying not winning. It felt like the martyr on the cross.

My very good friend Long John Baldry, who died last year, gave it to me. He was a wonderfully funny homosexual.

I don't mind. I've got very effeminate ways, and my hair was like Dusty Springfield's.

Next year.

Yes, we have a date, thank you very much. Nice try!

I sort of played on it 20 years ago. Not anymore--anyone who knows me knows I'm a very generous person.

I wouldn't allow you. You'd be surprised how many dinners I buy for people. When you've got some money and you've got friends who haven't done well, you've got to help them. [ Pause .] Is that an invitation?

Now that "Grey's Anatomy" is the no. 1 series on TV--it beat "CSI" again on Thursday, with almost 23 million viewers--you'd expect a diva showdown. But who'd think it would involve the guys ? Last week Patrick Dempsey (McDreamy) and Isaiah Washington (Preston Burke) got into a scuffle after Washington complained about other castmates' tardiness. The first report had the two in a "violent brawl," with Washington holding Dempsey in a chokehold. A follow-up story cast doubt on the neck action, though Washington confirmed he and Dempsey argued "nose to nose." Somewhere along the way, Washington also reportedly called poor T. R. Knight (George) a "bitch." The actors' reps won't comment, other than to say everyone's moved on. The real winner? ABC, which grabbed another "Grey's" headline. When you're up against "CSI," every hit counts.

Barbra Streisand is good at comedy--think "Meet the Fockers," "What's Up, Doc?," "Yentl"--but in New York last week the joke came with a nasty punch line. During her concert, Streisand put on a skit costarring a bumbling George Bush impersonator. Most of the crowd ate it up--except the one guy who didn't. He began heckling Streisand, much to the liberal diva's surprise. She stopped the show cold, and heckled right back. "Shut the f-- up!" she shouted. "Shut up if you can't take a joke!" Just shows you can take the girl out of Brooklyn, but you can't take the Brooklyn out of the funny girl.