Who's Checking Out of Hotel California?

The L.A. Lakers looked ugly during their NBA finals loss to the Detroit Pistons--and it could get even uglier soon. Coach Phil Jackson has already left, and more players could follow. Who's staying? Who's going? Newsmakers plays oddsmaker. Kobe Bryant will hear offers from other teams (and he's still on trial), but keeping him is L.A.'s top priority. Odds: 20-1 that he's staying. Shaquille O'Neal is angry at management's pampering of Kobe and has demanded a trade--but there are few takers who can afford the highest-paid player in the league. Odds: 25-1. Gary Payton is unhappy, but he might be stuck. No one will pay him more. Odds: 10-1. If Karl Malone's knee is healthy, he'll be back. Big if. Odds: 5-1.

Money Honey

The Duchess of Windsor once declared you can never be too rich or too thin, but Allegra Beck is perilously close to both. When Beck turns 18 on June 30, she'll inherit 50 percent of her uncle's company--her uncle Gianni Versace, that is, who bequeathed Allegra half his empire. The fashion world is buzzing over the implications, not just of teen couture, but of the fur that will fly once Beck becomes the boss of mom Donatella, who runs the company. Even scarier: if Beck teams up with the Olsen twins, who also became moguls when they turned 18 this month, they could buy half of South America.

Q&A: Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn has made a career playing charming sleazeballs in movies from "Swingers" to "Old School." Now he gets to be the hero in "DodgeBall." He spoke to NEWSWEEK's Nicki Gostin.

Is there a rule that you have to costar with Will Ferrell, Owen Wilson or Ben Stiller every year?

People have been asking that lately. It's nothing that was really planned. It just kind of happened.

What was it like kissing costar Christine Taylor in front of Ben--her husband?

As far as I was concerned, between action and cut she was my baby.

Does that mean you slipped her the tongue?

We didn't go that far.

Did you wear a cup for the movie?

We did not at first and then we started thinking that it was a good idea. During a boot-camp scrimmage, a cup was definitely advised.

Did you actually train?

We had two weeks of dodgeball boot camp where we had throwing drills, catching drills and then we would scrimmage, and all of us got so sore because it's actually quite a spastic game. You run and stop so much your muscles were sore, and the ball's not really heavy so you'd try to throw it as hard as you could. I actually hurt my rotator cuff. It was humiliating.

Are you going to campaign to get dodgeball into the Olympics?

I think it's a shame that it's not. I think this movie is my campaign.

Because of "Swingers," do you get asked to be on all these celebrity poker shows?

I have been; I just never felt like going on Bravo and getting in a heads-up game with [Jon] Favreau. We play a lot with just our friends.

Would you do it someday?

I leave it to the professionals. I'm an actor, not a professional card player.