We're sick of her, too, at this point, but wait till you hear the latest. Jennifer Lopez is cleaning house--not the zillion-dollar one she bought with her beau, Ben Affleck, but metaphorically. First she canned her publicist, then her agent (she now joins Julia, Cameron and Sandra at CAA) and now Benny Medina, the member of her management team who essentially created her diva image--and helped dePuffify her after the infamous P. Diddy nightclub shoot-out.

"Ben's been getting a little tired of all the attention and the reaction to all the attention," says an understandably nameless--and of course perfectly disinterested--source from the Lopez camp. "At the beginning, it was cool and didn't really bother him, but now he thinks it's negative for the both of them." Well, can't have that. Worse yet, Ben's friends are backing away. "Matt [Damon] is in no way as close as he used to be," says this source. That Jezebel!

With the two movies the couple made together en route to theaters, J. Lo now needs a more likable persona. And she may have another agenda. Sources say she was miffed when the ex-publicist, Alan Nierob, recently began repping rival bootylicious diva Beyonce Knowles. "She's worried, and for good reason," says a Hollywood talent agent. "Beyonce is younger and much more pleasant to deal with." J. Lo can't change her age, but how about an attitude transplant?

Allison Samuels

Q&A: Prince Albert

Prince Albert recently visited Manhattan for an event called "Monaco Takes New York," a festival promoting his tiny principality--and the idea that it offers more than craps tables and roulette wheels. He bestowed his telephonic presence upon NEWSWEEK's Nicki Gostin.

When you gamble back home they let you lose?

I can't gamble in Monaco. Monaco citizens are not allowed to gamble in their own country.

You mean they would actually kick you out?

They wouldn't kick me out, but they'd come up to me and say, "Prince Albert, I think you're forgetting something."

You're head of Monaco's U.N. delegation. Is it hard to stay awake during meetings of the General Assemby?

[Laughs] Not usually. Obviously there are some speeches that drag on, but you have side meetings, so you don't get stuck in the hall for the whole time.

Your mother, the former Grace Kelly, was so beautiful and stylish. Is there anyone in Hollywood today who reminds you of her?

There are some beautiful ladies out there. If you look at the younger generation, you would think of someone like Julia Roberts or Gwyneth Paltrow. But obviously my mother created a style of her own, and it's incredible to see how people still remember her that way.

You played soccer, were on Monaco's Olympic bobsled team and have a black belt in judo. In an arm-wrestling contest between you and Prince Charles, who's going to win?

[Laughs] I think maybe overall I have a little edge on him, but I don't want to rule him out.

Does your family give you grief for being single?

It comes more from outside of the family. They've sort of gotten used to the idea. They don't pressure me anymore, though I know it's in the back of their minds.

It's a pity you're not Jewish because I could hook you up with some fabulous girls.

[Laughs] I'm sure.

How many times have people asked you if you have Prince Albert in a can?

I'd say more than both our toes and fingers put together. And probably more.