Zellweger's back with another British accent, as author Beatrix Potter in "Miss Potter." The actress spoke to Ramin Setoodeh.

A little bit. But I don't want to talk about it. Otherwise, I'm going to talk about my weight every single day for the rest of my life.

I was aware of a couple of her stories. I read Peter Rabbit and I remember Jeremy Fisher. But I have a Norwegian mother, so there was more Hans Christian Andersen.

Oh, good god--that's an exaggeration. I've written children's short stories, poetry and prose. But they're for me. They're on different computers that I've closed because they've gotten different viruses.

My computer got the "love" virus when I went over to make the first "Bridget Jones" and I had the beginning of two books on that. I did without a computer for five years.

Lucky me.

Oh, that's funny, isn't it? Maybe I bring out the boring in him. We're saving the nude scene for the "Miss Potter" sequel.

I called the sources close to the sources and they say it's not true.

I don't know. Would you want me to do a third one?

Really? Well, we'll have to speak to Helen Fielding to see what she thinks about it.

You should call her. She's very busy with the baby, and I'll let you be the one to bug her.

Waiting for the Jan. 14 premiere has been like being tortured by Jack Bauer--painful. Maybe this quiz will help. Go to for more.

A. a submerged SUV

B. a fallout shelter

C. an animal trap

D. a conference room surrounded by nerve gas

Admit it--don't you love it when a celebrity gets into legal trouble? It's not just seeing the rich and famous dragged through the people's court (though of course that is nice). Stars somehow manage to land in the most wonderfully perverse cases. The latest weird court reporting, in brief:

Frozen Juice: First, his book, "If I Did It," was scrapped. Now a judge won't let O.J. Simpson spend the advance until a later hearing (Fred Goldman filed a fraud lawsuit). Tough luck, O.J. You would have made a killing.

Closet Case: Poor Whitney Houston . She's so poor, a court orders her to pay off an old storage-unit debt, and she's auctioning her Versace gowns to cover the $200,000 bill. Other goods up for grabs: a piano and Bobby Brown's Boston Music Award.

Two Men and a Baby: The Anna Nicole Smith saga continues. In the latest twist, a judge orders that she take a DNA test before Jan. 23 to help answer which of the two men is the father of her 4-month-old daughter. The folks at the trailer park must be so proud.