Newsmakers: Heidi Klum, Wynonna Judd

The German supermodel is back as host of "Project Runway," which enters its third season this week. She spoke to Ramin Setoodeh.

I don't really crave stuff. My favorite snack is Big Mac and fries. I also cook meatballs with cucumber salad, tomatoes and steamed artichoke. Have you ever eaten an artichoke?

We have them in the backyard. A lot of them. If you let them flower, they turn into a beautiful blue.

We have a great villain. You always hope for something like that. I want the show to go on forever, until everyone in America has become a designer.

We've never discussed that. Our concept is really about women's clothes.

It was not appropriate. The Emmys are a very big event, and it was Halloween-costumey. You do have to think a little bit about yourself when you go. It would not have been good for him, either.

I have. I do "Germany's Next Top Model." We have millions and millions of viewers.

No, I don't have them. How sad. I want them!

You should call the head of Victoria's Secret and tell them, "Heidi should have her wings!"

Can we just have a moment for poor Wynonna Judd? The country singer checks herself in to rehab for food addiction, and halfway through treatment her pretty, skinnier actress sister, Ashley, shows up and steals the spotlight. Ashley, 38, told Glamour magazine that when she went to visit Wynonna at Shades of Hope Treatment Center in Texas, she discovered that she had issues of her own. Wynonna was talking about her life in family therapy when Ashley suddenly realized she was having "traumatic responses" to what she was hearing. "I would get lightheaded and almost pass out," she said. The counselors approached Ashley and told her, " 'No one ever does an intervention on people like you. You look too good. You're too smart and together'." So Ashley checked herself in to the same facility for 47 days in February to deal with "codependence ... depression, blaming, raging, numbing, denying and minimizing my feelings" and the burden of having to be the "perfect" daugh-ter to compensate for "messed-up" Wynonna. Ashley, who's married to hunky race-car driver Dario Franchitti and has two new movies ("Bug" and "Come Early Morning") coming up in the fall, says she's happy now. Such a relief. Her sister must be thrilled for her.

When the Emmy's ignore James Gandolfini and Edie Falco, you know the new voting process is messed up. Some other notable snubs:

Without the brilliantly contemptuous Hugh Laurie, there is no "House." Where's his nomination?

Last year three "Desperate Housewives" vied for best actress. How'd they all lose their mojo?

Congrats for recognizing "The Office." But how did "Scrubs" beat out "My Name Is Earl"?

Not only did "Lost" get stiffed, so did the entire cast. Emmy voters, you