Newsmakers: James McAvoy

In "Atonement," James McAvoy steals Keira Knightley's heart, and he'll probably take yours, too. He spoke to Ramin Setoodeh.

This role spans several years. How did you prepare?
I tried to lose weight in between the first and second sections of the film. I lost half a stone.

How much is half a stone?
I don't know exactly. I think I could tell you right now. I've got scales upstairs.

Is it a lot of weight?
It's a lot for me. Well, what am I in pounds? I am currently 70 pounds.

You're not 70 pounds.
Yeah, I am. I think I am.

No, that would be dangerous.
Oh, really? It's kilograms, then. I'm 70 kilograms. I don't know what I am in pounds. I don't understand pounds. I lost, basically, one twentieth of my weight. Which sounds very unimpressive, but it was f–––ing difficult.

How did you lose the weight?
I just ran, and ate less. I didn't starve myself. I didn't go all Method actor.

Your last three costars were Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightley and Angelina Jolie. Do you only work with hot women?
Yeah, I do. No, I don't. It's a weird phenomenon that I can't understand. I'm very lucky.

There were reports that Angelina wanted a steamier love scene with you in "Wanted."
Our characters have a platonic relationship.

Isn't there a love scene?
There is a love scene.

But it's not steamy?
It depends on what floats your boat.