Newsmakers: Let's Play ... Family Feud!!!

The O'Neal clan is back in dysfunction junction. Ryan was arrested on assault charges last week after he fired a gun inside his home. He claims self-defense. Is that a good answer? Survey ... says?!?

RYAN: Luckily, his gunshot didn't hit anything but the banister. He claims he was only trying to scare his older son.

GRIFFIN: Ryan's son, 42, reportedly took several swings with a fireplace poker--aiming for Dad, but he hit his pregnant girlfriend in the face by mistake. Oops.

REDMOND: How was the younger brother involved? One source claims Griffin smashed an ashtray on his head, prompting the whole fight ...

TATUM: ... Or maybe not. Ryan's famous daughter issued a statement backing Griffin in the scuffle.

FARRAH FAWCETT: Her role in all this? Ryan was at his ex's birthday party before the rumble.