Newsmakers: Naomi Campbell, Star Jones

A judge has ordered Naomi Campbell to mop warehouse floors for five days as restitution for throwing a phone at her housekeeper last year. Just before the ruling, she spoke to Nicki Gostin.

You said you were sorry for throwing your phone at your maid.
I'm taking a day of anger management.

A day isn't very long.
To be honest, I took six months off work and I've been in therapy for God knows how long. For me, every day I'm doing something in my spiritual life to improve myself.

Do you have trouble calming yourself down?
Yes, when someone's very close to me and they do something that's disloyal or unfounded. I don't care when people I don't know say something about me. I'm not going to go into that much more, but I am extremely sorry and I will never, I hope, be pushed to that level of losing my temper again.

You were just named an ambassador to Brazil. You're Jamaican, not Brazilian.
I go to Brazil a lot. I have a charity there that I founded and was endorsed by President Lula. It's for the children of the favelas [slums].

Do you get special diplomatic privileges?
No. I just love that country; it makes me feel really good.

Has Jamaica offered you an ambassadorship?
No, but I have a kindergarten that I founded there, and I was just asked to be their patron for abused women.

Is there any country where you don't have a school?
Um, yes, many. My own country, London.

Maybe you could set up a Naomi Campbell finishing school.
I've thought about it.

Do you think models are too skinny?
I think the industry is just different. I've never gone on a diet. I am just as I am.

But don't you think models are skinnier than when you started?
I think it's pretty tough to blame an industry for a psychological disease. It's just a really difficult topic.

She's undergone another shrinking act—can you believe that's Star Jones?—but of course she won't entirely disappear. The ex-"View" host will make her long-awaited comeback this year with a Court TV talk show. "One of the appetites not being fed is a user- friendly analysis of justice," Jones tells NEWSWEEK, inadvertently dissing her new TV home, which specializes in just that. Her ideal guest? Nicole Richie. "Remember," Jones says, "she's been arrested for a DUI." Speaking of career bumps, what's Jones been up to in Barbara Walters exile? Losing more weight, obviously—so did she have a gastric bypass? She's also been teaching middle-school civics once a month. Last week's lesson, believe it or not: friendship. "I learn more from those kids than they do from me," she says. No kidding.