Newsmakers Q&A: Celine Dion

She's leaving Las Vegas to sing at the Oscars, but Dion took time to chat with Ramin Setoodeh.

Oh, I'm not sure about that. I've been to the Oscars five times.

It was definitely very different. For me, it was glamorous. A lot of people hated it.

Of course not. This year, my husband, Rene, is going to wear the white hat.

The first year, I did 200 shows, five nights a week. I couldn't talk to my husband or son. Two days of taking a break vocally.

I don't talk at all. My husband and I communicate on the phone without me talking. [ She starts tapping the phone .] Did you hear that? How many hits mean different things. One means yes, two means no. But I'm not going to tell you all our secret things.

I finish the show at 10:30 at night. By the time I take a shower, I have my little snack, I do my drive back home, I never arrive before midnight. I love to sleep late. I can go to bed at 5 a.m. and wake up at 2 p.m.

Actually, my 6-year-old son has the same hours as us. Isn't that amazing?

He's home-schooled. His teacher comes at 3:30 in the afternoon.

He loves heavy rock and the Doors. It's the first song he hummed to me. [ She sings: "Hello, I love you, won't you tell me your name?" ] I think it comes from the videogames. The Wii is the hottest thing on our TV right now.

My best friend in the world, Robin, waited in line at 4:30 in the morning.