Newsmakers Q&A: Nicolas Cage

In "Ghost Rider," Nicolas Cage plays a motorcycle stuntman who gives his soul to the Devil. But first, he lent his ears to Nicki Gostin.

I grew up reading them. It's one of the ways I learned how to read.

No. But I kept all the "Ghost Rider" comics.

It's the truth. I'm going to be completely truthful with you.

The name stood for something I thought was good. It was a unique name. My wife wanted a unique name.

Define the word, please.

How was I kooky with Patricia?

OK. I would say I'm more of a romantic. I wouldn't describe myself as kooky. I'd like you to use the word "romantic"--please!

I had teeth removed that coincided with the movie I was making. I don't want you to think I'm completely--I mean, these are stories that get built up over time.

You can use that word, yes. If you can find a way to spell it.

She's the director, that's her business.

No. And if you look at her movies, I don't think there would be any role I'm right for.

Actually, that would be fascinating. It would be a stretch, but I'm up for any challenge.