Newsmakers: Tobey Maguire, Rosie O'Donnell, Alec Baldwin

Q&A: Tobey Maguire
Ready or not, here comes "Spider-Man 3." Is this the end? Tobey Maguire tells Nicki Gostin.

Have you started filming "Spider-Man 4" yet?
I have not.

Is that in the works?
Well, it's in the works for the studio but for me, I'll look at it at a later date.

So are you hanging up your tights?
I'm being completely noncommittal in any direction.

In "Spidey 3" you have a nasty alter ego who wears black eyeliner.
Yeah, there is kind of a Goth look to him. The darkness is oozing out of him. He's also got the nerdy version of a cool swagger.

Were you cool or nerdy as a kid?
I had moments of all of that.

What does that mean?
Honestly, I had moments when I felt like an outsider wanting to get inside and moments when I felt like I was on the inside.

Did you feel like an insider when you did that guest spot on "Blossom"?
I was so excited. I had one line and my back was to the camera. Blossom's dad was away and she threw a party and I came out of this back room and I said, "Does anybody need anything?" The big payoff joke line was, "Yeah, get me a turtleneck," and then I walked off camera and I couldn't have been more thrilled.

Did you score with the ladies the week it aired?
Well, I would have had to prove it was me.

Were you jealous when your friend Leonardo DiCaprio was on "Growing Pains"?
No, I was excited. I have this with a lot of my friends; it only feels like we're sharing in each other's successes.

But that's because you're both successful.
I completely understand what you're saying.

You've been going to heaps of Spidey premieres and you shake lots of hands. Do you carry around Purell?
No, I do wash my hands at some point. I'm not racing to wash my hands but I get to.

I'm glad to hear you're hygienic.

* * * * * * *

An Ode to O'Donnell
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The Baldwins' Big Date
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