Newsmakers: Tori Spelling, Larry Birkhead

Q&A: Tori Spelling
The "90210" star has a new reality show, "Tori & Dean: Inn Love," with her husband on the Oxygen network. She spoke to Ramin Setoodeh.

Do the Tori groupies book rooms at the inn?
Totally. We've just been open less than a month and we've had over 700 requests. I'm like, for once, being Tori Spelling is good!

How much does it cost?
$150 a night. You get breakfast and a happy hour. Happy hours are very important.

Did you see the open letter from your mom on TMZ addressed to Larry Birkhead?
Shut up! It's a letter from my mother to Larry Birkhead? I can guarantee you if I say, "Mom, who's Larry Birkhead?" she'd have no idea. Now I have to go look at it. I'm totally going on right now. I just search for Candy Spelling? [She reads it.] This makes no sense. No waaaay! My mother would never write this. My mom is not computer-savvy.

But if you read the comments, people think she wrote it.
[Reads from the comments] "If Tori listened to Candy, would she be better off?"

Actually, you shouldn't read the comments.
Have you read what bloggers say about me?

Honestly, I haven't. What do they say?
They always write how hideous I am. That's a big one. They were horrible during the pregnancy. I wore this blue dress that I was really proud of, and they said, "She looks like Smurfette who ate an entire Smurf village."

I like the Smurfs.
Me, too. I always wanted to be Smurfette.

You're working on your memoirs. Have you ever written anything of length before?

It's kind of hard.
I like writing. I write on my MySpace page!

You have a MySpace page?
Dean and I created it for "Inn Love." But I upkeep it more because I'm obsessed. All my MySpace friends keep writing in. They're so happy that ours is real.

Who's Your Daddy?!? That'd Be Us!!!
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