Newsverse: Black Bayou

I feel so bad I got a worried mind
I’m all covered up in slime
It’s feeling something like the End of Time
In Black Bayou.

Saving turtles, saving twine.
We will need it when we hang those swine
Throw their bodies down a well or mine
In Black Bayou.

I’m gonna stay away
For the umpteenth day
From Black Bayou.
Where my favorite dish—
Now pre-blackened fish--
Tastes just like turpentine.

If I could only see
All the small-sized folk
Grab the throat and choke
The chairman of BP.
How happy I’d be.

Never see a booby again
Or a plover or a pelican
In Black Bayou.

I’m gonna lay some boom
In the gloom
Of Black Bayou
Where the oily plume
Bears the scent of doom
For Black Bayou.

And BP execs
Earn their giant checks
By filling us with lies.
And it’s just our luck
That some Texan shmuck
Should apologize.