Newsverse: Get Your Rage On

“Have we really seen rage from the president on this? Does he yell and scream?  What does he do?” —Chip Reid of CBS News to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.


Voters in this day and age

Demand to see their leaders rage

Hurl thunderbolts of odium

From the White House podium

Don’t be measured, calm and sage.

Throw somebody in a cage!

Logic is a game for nerds

Give the people angry words

And photographs of dying birds.


Holding an oil-covered prawn

Tell BP to “bring it on.”

Warn the chairman, watch your back

You might launch a drone attack.

Remember for an angry nation

You must give voice to their frustration.

Competence is overrated

What we seek is validated

Ignorance and pique and hatred.


Dress up in a diving suit

Plant a muddy rubber boot

On the ocean’s murky floor.

Forbid the oil to come ashore.

Poke Poseidon in the snoot

Make him stand up and salute.

Mission accomplished, King Canute