Newsweek Green Rankings 2011: Environmental Leaders of the Future


To produce the 2011 Green Rankings, we joined forces with two leading environmental research firms, Trucost and Sustainalytics.

Trucost specializes in quantitative measurements of environmental performance and holds the most extensive data available on corporate environmental impacts. The company calculated the Environmental Impact Score for each company based on over 700 metrics, including greenhouse-gas emissions, water use, solid-waste disposal, and acid-rain emissions.

Sustainalytics is known for its credible and independent environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis and its vast universe of research coverage (including U.S., global and emerging markets companies). Its assessment of each company’s environmental policies, management systems, and programs informed the Environmental Management Score for this year’s Green Rankings.

The Green Rankings were created in 2009 with ASAP Media, a New York City media development firm founded by editors Peter W. Bernstein ( and Annalyn Swan []. It specializes in creating magazine, book, and online content.