's 2007 Top 10

1. "The Top of the Class"
The complete list of the 1,300 top U.S. schools

2. 'Mean Girls'
Boozing, bikinis and bullying: how the scandalous behavior of five high-school cheerleaders rocked a bedroom community near Dallas.

3. Monster of the Deep
How the world's largest squid was caught—and the bidding war for the exclusive footage slated to be shown this spring.

4. 'I Saw Bullet Holes Coming Through the Doors'
He almost cut French class. But Colin Goddard made the fateful decision to attend that Monday morning—and wound up full of bullets. One student in Cho's path.

5. Death in Perugia
An Italian judge believes that a young Seattle woman instigated a vicious 'extreme sex' killing. Her student friends say she is just a dorky sweetheart. Deconstructing the grim tale of Amanda Knox.

6. "What Shawn Went Through"
Young Shawn Hornbeck had plenty of chances to flee his captor. So what made him stay?

7. Dream House or Nightmare?
For years Americans custom-built homes with pricey extras expecting high returns on their investment. They're in for a letdown.

8. "Cheerleaders. Soldiers. Booze. Sex."
A National Guard Recruiting Mission Gone Awry Shakes A Small South Carolina Town To Its Core.

9. "25 Hottest Schools"
College Guide: It's that time of year again, when high-school seniors and their parents gear up for the admissions game. In excerpts from our annual newsstand issue, here's what you need to know about the newest trends.

10. "Into Thin Air"


1. Really Bad Girls

2. Mayhems Mates

3. Rethinking Gender

4. Tip Sheet Holiday Gift Guide

5. Monkeys in the Middle