Newsweek's Foreign Service Podcast: Will There Ever Be a Republican President Again?

Donald Trump cartoon
Has Donald Trump ruined the Republican party's chances in the long run? Jordan Saville

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The U.S. Presidential election is far from over, and Donald Trump is not yet out. But after horrified reactions to the emergence of a tape in which Trump could be heard condoning sexual assault, as well as lackluster TV debate performances, the Republican presidential nominee is starting to seriously struggle. 

It prompted us to consider: If Trump cannot recover and is defeated on November 8, where will this leave the Republican party? His unrelenting comments about women and minorities have driven those voters even further away from the G.O.P, and disagreements over how to respond to his chaotic campaign have left senior party figures divided. The fallout could breed problems for the Republicans into 2020 and beyond. 

Do Republican moderates need to stage a comeback? Can the party reconcile its base and its leaders? Will anyone other than white men trust a Republican nominee again? Listen to Josh Lowe and Mirren Gidda's discussion with Charlie Wolf, a political commentator and talk show host, and Elizabeth Linder, founder and CEO of the Conversational Century and former politics and government specialist at Facebook.

Newsweek's Foreign Service is recorded and edited by Jordan Saville.