• Bush's Heart Scare

    A sudden arrhythmia raises questions about his health-and Quayle ...
  • Love In The Nick Of Time

    Admit it. You're happy for Bonnie Raitt. Last year she conquered the music world with a four-Grammy comeback. Now she's found true love. Raitt, 41, married actor Michael O'Keefe, 36 (Simon MacHeath on "Against the Law"), last week in Tarrytown, N.Y. It was a first marriage for both. Daryl Hannah, Jackson Browne and Wynonna Judd were among the 90 guests on hand. The couple wrote their own vows and Bonnie's dad, Broadway singer John Raitt, serenaded them with "My Little Girl."
  • The Commanders

    From "The Commanders, copyright 1991 by Bob Woodward. Published by Simon & Schuster. ...
  • The Steal Of A Lifetime

    Rickey Henderson slid into third base and the record books in last Wednesday's game against the Yankees. It was the Oakland outfielder's 939th steal, and with it he broke Lou Brock's record. The game was halted for a brief celebration and Henderson, never one to let his accomplishments speak for themselves, announced to the crowd: "Until now, Lou Brock was the symbol of great base-stealing, but today I'm the greatest of all time."
  • Fine Tuning

    Ann Reinking's son Chris, who at 1 is taller than most 2 year-olds, is already exhibiting showbiz potential. At rehearsals for "Bye Bye Birdie," "he was mesmerized by the rhythms Tommy Tune was making with his feet," says Reinking. "He immediately went over to the piano and started playing." Chris may get to show off his stuff when he and his mom go on the road with Tune this week to kick off the show's national tour.
  • His Camera Never Blinked-Or Did It?

    Can Alek Keshishian really be as unhappy as he sounds? "I feel miserably underachieved," he told one interviewer. "How old was Orson Welles when he made 'Citizen Kane'? Twenty-five or twenty-six?" He is, he says, "plagued with selfdoubt" and filled with a profound "emptiness" when he completes a project. And what projects. Let's just review Keshishian's own 26 years so far: Beirut-born child prodigy actor and violin player; graduated summa cum laude from St. Paul's prep school; staged the most-talked-about senior thesis Harvard has seen in years, a pop-opera adaptation of "Wuthering Heights" (and graduated, again, summa cum laude); went directly to Hollywood to direct music videos for Edie Brickell and Bobby Brown. ...
  • Hot Clubs

    Nothing fills a disco like war and recession, but a deejay who owns a copy of "Gypsy Woman" (the plight of the homeless lamented at 100 beats per minute) doesn't hurt. Where to wiggle it: ** ShelterDuck the Fashion Police; their "citations" can ruin your night in Chicago.**** DanceteriaOne club, 10 decorators; enough variety for every New York subset.**** Club LuiSlum with the stars in L.A., even the Blond One. No frills, dress to dance.*** VelvetTableaux vivants and fuzzy fabrics in Atlanta. Order a Woo Woo, no ice.
  • Not So Short And Shallow

    As the recession drags on, the Fed cuts rates-but will it do the trick? ...
  • Kkr: From Oreos To Magazines

    It was a case of the masters of leverage bailing out the high prince of debt. Last week a partnership controlled by Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts, the New York financial firm famous for engineering takeovers like RJR Nabisco's, announced it would buy most of the U.S. magazine holdings of Rupert Murdoch, the debt-strapped media baron. The $650 million deal (which came just days after KKR announced it would back Fleet/Norstar's $625 million acquisition of the failed Bank of New England) calls for the KKR group to buy nine publications. The list includes the Daily Racing Form -the most profitable-and New York, Seventeen and Premiere. Not sold were TV Guide, with which Murdoch refused to part, or the newcomer Mirabella, which KKR refused to buy. ...
  • Broadway Hothouse

    A children's classic grows into a big musical ...
  • Race On Campus: Failing The Test?

    America's colleges and universities, once havens of tolerance, have become laboratories for social antagonism ...
  • A Rapist's Letter

    It could be the most terrifying letter a woman ever receives. Convicted rapist Jeff Gambord recently wrote at least 20 northern California women whose names and addresses he picked from the phone book, begging them to send money for therapy. In the letters, Gambord, 30, enclosed a newspaper story describing him as a sexual sadist and sociopath who began exposing himself and setting fires at the age of 4. Gambord was convicted of rape in 1981. In 1982, he wrote a local paper that he feared he'd rape again when released. Soon after he was paroled in 1985, he did. Gambord, serving a 27-year sentence in Folsom Prison, will be up for parole in 2002.
  • The Skirts Of Summer

    Spandex is out, finally. Hotpants and Lycra leggings are closet staples. But this is the summer of the skirt-worn, says Vogue's Anna Wintour, with nude panty hose, A sampler of the season's trendier looks: Flirtatious, kicky. But ban the bobby socks and sneakers or you'll look like a cheerleader.Graceful, romantic, covers cellulite and bulges. Next to going naked, nothing's cooler on a steamy day.Hot and trashy--at clubs like Tatou. Wear it anywhere else, and it's just plain trashy.Skin-tight body huggers are great if you've got attitude-and legs like Naomi Campbell.SKIRTS COURTESY OF BARNEYS (3), LIMITED EXPRESS
  • In Praise Of The F Word

    Tens of thousands of 18-year-olds will graduate this year and be handed meaningless diplomas. These diplomas won't look any different from those awarded their luckier classmates. Their validity will be questioned only when their employers discover that these graduates are semiliterate. ...