Nicole Kidman: The Lady in Waiting

Nicole Kidman packs a one-two punch this fall with the indie "Margot at the Wedding" and the big-budget fantasy "The Golden Compass." The actress spoke with Nicki Gostin. Excerpts:

"Margot's Wedding" is about a dysfunctional relationship between two sisters. You have a sister. Could you relate?
In our early teens we were a little combative but subsequently we've become joined at the hip. I'd kill for her.

In "The Golden Compass" you play a baddie. Was that fun?
Yeah, I prefer the word "villain"—a little classier, right?

Did you practice being mean in the mirror?
No, no. When you play mean you don't focus on being mean. You focus, I suppose, on the motives behind it.

It seems recently you've opened up about your personal life.
Not really. In the last year there have been some things in my personal life that have been privy to the whole world and I haven't denied them.

So you're like the queen of Australia.
No, Cate Blanchett is. I'll be the lady in waiting.