Obama and Biden Reach Out to Poland

Just one week after visiting Europe to sign a treaty, it's now official that President Obama will head to Poland on Saturday for the funeral of President Lech Kaczynski and first lady Maria Kaczynska, who were killed in a plane crash a week ago. The rationale for the trip seems clear: it's just the right thing to do for a fallen head of state. But in a grander sense, the White House may have in mind one of Obama's more unverifiable campaign promises: to reintroduce the world to a more compassionate U.S. after anti-American sentiments rose over the past decade. (See Obama's other promises, and his progress, here.)

Back in Washington, Joe Biden visited the Polish Embassy late Wednesday to pay his respects and to sign a condolence book for Kaczynski and the 94 other victims. Here was his inscription: