The Official Stumper Election Pool

Ladies and gentlemen, we're now taking bets.

Electoral College totals. Popular vote percentages. Democratic pickups in the House and the Senate.

I'll post mine here (and add predictions from other New York Newsweekers as they come in). You post yours in the comments. Prize to be determined.

Without any further ado, the Stumper Electoral Map:

That's 371 electoral votes for Obama and 167 for McCain. I'll probably embarrass myself with Montana and North Dakota, but what the hell--you gotta spend money to make money, right? As far as the popular vote, I'm predicting 52 percent for Obama to 46 percent for McCain, with two percent going to third-party candidates. In the Senate, I'm anticipating 8 Democratic pickups; in the House, I'm going with 27. Which is basically just a wild guess.

Hit me with your best shot below.

UPDATE: The Newsweek staff predictions are in! Drumroll, please:

Lisa Miller, Religion Editor:
Obama 296
Popular vote: Obama 50.2, McCain 48
Senate: 54-46
House: Dems 251

Jonathan Darman, Senior Writer and Political Correspondent:
Obama 348, McCain 190
Popular vote: Obama 50.2; McCain 46.0
Senate: Dems 59, R 41
House Dems: +21

Jonathan Alter, Political Columnist:
Obama 333, McCain 205
Senate 59
House +27

Sarah Kliff, Nation Reporter:
Electoral vote count: Obama 349, McCain 189
Popular Vote: 52 percent Obama, 48 percent McCain
Senate Split:  Dems 58, GOP 42
House: Dems pick up 28

Dan Klaidman, Managing Editor:
Obama -- 347, McCain -- 191
Obama 51.8 percent, McCain 47 percent
House: Dems pick up 24
Senate: Dems pick up 7 senate seats for a total of 58