Old Spice Hits Internet-Marketing Gold

First he was on a horse, then on a bike, and now he’s everywhere, making personalized videos for fans on YouTube. The latest flight of Old Spice commercials is nothing short of genius, and while I claim to have gotten in on the ground floor by spamming my entire address list with the first commercial months ago, it appears that Isaiah Mustafa, the burly former NFL player turned shower pitchman turned horseback rider turned swan diver has now truly gone viral. Or whatever the level beyond viral is. Because this stuff just doesn't seem to compare with a piano-playing cat or a lip-synching toddler.

I could go into some long-winded rant about how Old Spice figured out how to tap into viral marketing, or my bosses might consider sending 12 reporters in different directions to chart this seismic shift in American Internet public relations through a series of anecdotes. But sometimes there is no larger point. It’s just hilarious. So hats off to you, Old Spice.

And Mr. Mustafa—from one burly man to another—you’re always welcome to shower in the small converted shower stall that, for some strange reason, is connected to our office suite.