Serious Question: What Is Hell?

The Christian belief in hell has developed over the centuries, influenced by both Jewish and Greek ideas of the afterlife.

Has the Way We Talk About Weed Changed?

At the federal level, possession and the use and sale of marijuana remain illegal, 29 states and the District of Columbia now allow medicinal marijuana to be sold for the treatment of specific diseases.
Columbine hugging

What Have We Learned Since Columbine?

As it was, the attackers took 13 precious lives, injured 24 other students and teachers, and left a scar in our nation’s soul that remains with us still.

What Is Cuba’s Future Post-Castro?

Miguel Diaz-Canel, set to replace Raul Castro as president of Cuba after sixty years of Castro rule, will be faced with the challenges of implementing economic reform and sidestepping regional isolation.

Gorsuch Sides With Liberals in Immigration Case

Whatever you think of any immigration policies or other issues surrounding this case, one thing is clear: Gorsuch faithfully applied fundamental constitutional principles and upheld the rule of law.

Is It Too Late to Get Back Into the TPP?

President Donald Trump recently said he was open to returning to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, but only if he could get a “substantially better” deal than his predecessor.