These Are the Supreme Court Cases to Watch

The justices will hear arguments in several important cases, including challenges to the constitutionality of administrative law judges, state sales taxes for out-of-state online retailers, and the infamous Trump “travel ban,” making this month one to watch.
Syria strike missile

Syria’s Attack Shows the Limits of International Law

No matter how wise you consider this intervention, legal scholars generally agree that the United Nations Charter doesn’t allow the use of military force to prevent chemical weapons attacks—no matter how evil—without U.N. Security Council approval.

Donald Trump Is Not Above the Rule of Law

It may be foolish, and the president may be well-advised to keep his mouth shut and his thumbs in his pocket, but like everyone else, he has a right to be an idiot.

It Pays To Stay Honest This Tax Season

Each year many people do cheat on their taxes. According to findings released by the IRS in 2016, tax evasion costs the federal government over US$450 billion each year.