Putin Russia

Is Russia's Election Meddling the Next Cold War?

Since 2010, President Vladimir Putin’s increasing reliance on a strategy of meddling in the domestic politics of the United States and European Union member states has heightened tensions and stoked fears of a crisis.

The Ideal Female Body Type Doesn't Exist

Female actresses, models and TV personalities are overwhelmingly thin, which has had a detrimental effect on the eating habits and self-esteem of countless women.
Apple iPhone

Are Smartphones Impacting Climate Change?

The relative contribution of smartphone technology to the total global footprint is expected to grow from about one per cent in 2007 to 3.5 per cent by 2020 and reaching 14 per cent by 2040.

The Psychological Reason Why You Can't #DeleteFacebook

Decades of research has shown that our relationship with all media, whether movies, television or radio, is symbiotic: People like them because of the gratifications they get from consuming them—benefits like escapism, relaxation and companionship.
uber self-driving cars

The Ethical Challenges of Self-Driving Cars

With self-driving cars, societies can redesign their traffic systems. From the crosswalk to overall traffic design—it is mundane situations that raise really hard questions. Extreme situations are a distraction.
02 George Washington

Taxes Is An American Tradition

Not long after George Washington took office, one of the most serious threats to the authority of the federal government and stability of the new nation arose in the form of a tax resistance.
Easter Eggs

What Is Easter?

Easter is quite similar to other major holidays like Christmas and Halloween, which have evolved over the last 200 years or so.