Out of the Office Here's to the New Job-or...not

You made it through the interview, the training and your first real day on the job. Now it's time to blow off a little steam and go out for that well-earned drink with your new colleagues. Here's everything you need to know to succeed in the wonderful world of happy hour.

For starters, some college drinking habits must be relegated to your past. First and foremost: Pregaming. Sure, it was fun to invite friends over to your dorm room to pound a couple of shots before a night out, but showing up at happy hour already hammered is a no-no in the working world. Also, set and keep a three-drink limit for the evening and truly stick to it, for the sake of both your wallet and your dignity.

And when you finally do make your beverage selection, be aware of what your drink of choice might say about you…

Long-Island iced tea: Long island iced tea has no place in the working-world. This drink is simply not sophisticated, and with three shots per drink, ordering it strongly implies that you are hoping to get plastered.

Beer: Ordering whatever beer is on draft says that you are laid-back, casual and down-to-earth.

A vodka tonic: Says that you're young and hip, and can handle your booze. To add a touch of class, be brand-specific: Grey Goose or Ketel 1. (Set limit here at two drinks.)

A glass of wine: Asking for the wine list makes you seem cosmopolitan. Just make sure you know how to pronounce your order.

Daiquiris: Ordering a daiquiri treads a fine line. It can be considered cute, but there's always the risk that the choice will make you seem a bit, well… underage.

Feel free to indulge in that Sea Breeze if you're well-acquainted and comfortable with your coworkers. But until then, stick to your safest bets: beer and wine. Bottoms up!