Paragliding has exploded in popularity in recent years among the extreme-sports set. But to satisfy beginners, a growing number of companies offer tandem flights in scenic locations across the world. As with tandem skydiving, an expert pilot does all the work. Jackson Hole Paragliding's tandem flights launch from the top of the ski resort and descend 4,000 feet. Most flights take 20 minutes, but prepare to stay in the air longer if the pilot catches a thermal and circles upward higher than the takeoff zone ( $195; jhparagliding.com). At Torrey Pines, Calif., tandem paragliders soar along cliffs that plunge to the Pacific, while seals, sharks and whales swim in the waves ($150; flytorrey.com). Holiday travelers to the Hawaiian Islands can wing their way along the coast of Maui and enjoy views of tropical beaches and clear blue waters ($175; gravity hawaii.com). Remember to bring your camera. Just don't drop it.