Palin! The Musical

College campuses have, since 1988, played host to the presidential debates. And those college campuses are traditionally littered with unnecessarily high numbers of a cappella singing groups (more than18,000 students singing at 1,200 campuses, to be precise). So it was only a matter of time before the twain would meet: introducing two presidentially themed, a cappella tunes, "I've Got a Crush on Joe Biden" and "I've Got a Crush on Sarah Palin," courtesy of Washington University's After Dark singing group here at the St. Louis debate site.

According to one reporter at the student newspaper here, After Dark found out that they would be performing on the "CBS Early Show" yesterday, wrote their lyrics last night and practiced this morning, before the show went live at 5:30 a.m. Working in a short time frame, they did a pretty admirable job. One particularly choice lyric, from the Palin confessional:

Well she's from the coldest state
A surprising candidate
She's in the NRA cause she hunts moose

She really wants to drill
But the bailout makes her ill
She's my favorite hockey mom
'Cause I got a crush on Sarah Palin

New campaign rally theme song, perhaps?