Palin Wins Duel with Fox's Family Guy

Now that the melee has died down over Sarah Palin's rebuke of Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, who approved a joke aimed at Palin's son who has Down syndrome, NEWSWEEK media critic Joshua Alston sorts out who was in the right. His answer: Palin. Not only was the joke in poor taste, but even if you weren't offended, it simply wasn't funny. Here's Josh:

While both Palin and MacFarlane seem to benefit from the controversy they're generating, there is a loser in this fight, and it's MacFarlane. Why? Because the joke wasn't funny.

Simply restating a fact in a different context, like the fact that Palin has a child with Down syndrome, isn't funny, even if you dislike Palin or disagree with her politics. There's a lot to like about Family Guy; the arcane pop-culture references kill me, as does anything that features a talking baby. But if MacFarlane is going to climb into Palin's sandbox, he's going to have to equip himself with much sharper material.

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