(AP Photo / Henny Ray Abrams)

Wall Street Journal, Sept. 29. 2008, re: the media's unfair coverage of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin:

From her campaign's perspective, Gov. Palin isn't getting media attention for her contributions. For example, with foreign leaders last week [at the United Nations], she had detailed conversations about the national-security and global implications of the energy crisis, one adviser said.

Stumper, Sept. 23, 2008, re: Palin's visit to the UN:

Originally, the McCain campaign indicated that two editorial journalists--Elizabeth Holmes of the Wall Street Journal and CNN embed Peter Hamby--would be allowed to attend the so-called “pool sprays” before Palin’s conclaves, which are basically "glorified photo opportunities during which journalists can snap photos and film footage and–if they’re lucky–shout a question or two at Palin"... But an hour before the events, the McCain campaign decided to bar both Holmes and Hamby, claiming that the sprays were appropriate only for photographers and videographers because "there were not going to be questions or statements."... Ultimately, Team McCain allowed CNN to cover the spray for all of 29 seconds--but only after the cable channel refused to send its cameras. Without CNN in the room, none of the networks would've received video footage, so the McCain campaign had to relent. Otherwise, it would've faced a total TV blackout. As for Holmes, she was out of luck--as was the print pool relying on her report.

Why won't the Eastern media elite ever report the good news?

UPDATE, 5:27 p.m.: I see that Noam Scheiber is asking the same question. Great minds...