" Medved Medvedeva Whatever. "
U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, on being pressed to name Russia's likely new president during a televised debate in Cleveland, Ohio

"I was passing through Heathrow airport, and I spoke to the manager of the toilets there. He's an educated man, and he told me there was a lot of money to be made in that line of work."
Otunba Olusegun Rwusewe , director-general of the Nigeria Tourism Development Corp., on a new plan to install pay Porta Potties at markets, transportation hubs and festivals

" It will be a good opportunity for Western music to be understood better by Koreans. "
An unnamed North Korean official, on reports that his country has extended a concert invitation to Eric Clapton—an alleged favorite of Kim Jong Il's son—in the wake of the New York Philharmonic's historic Pyongyang appearance

" Si pu ò fare. "
Campaign slogan of Italian prime-ministerial candidate Walter Veltroni, translating the popular rallying cry "Yes, we can" of American Sen. Barack Obama

"Fifty-two, that's not even a breakfast for me."
Mohammed Hamid , who last week was found guilty of running terrorist-training camps in Britain, on the number of people killed in London's July '05 terror attacks carried out by his pupils

" It ' s bizarre I ' m out here now, haven ' t really had a shower for four days, haven ' t washed my clothes for a week and everything seems completely normal. "
Britain's Prince Harry, on his Army deployment in Afghanistan. The British Ministry of Defense pulled Harry off the front lines after media outlets broke an embargo to keep his service situation secret.