" So? "
U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, when asked to comment on a recent poll showing that the majority of Americans do not believe the Iraq War was worth it

"I shot down Exupéry."
Former Luftwaffe fighter pilot Horst Rippert, revealing that he believes himself responsible for the death of France's author of "The Little Prince," during a dogfight in July 1944

"We have these conflicts where no one really wants to get involved, powerful countries with means will not touch it with a barge pole, they will support weak, ineffectual initiatives by others … to create the impression of action."
Former United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan, recommending that the U.N. peacekeeping force resist taking on new engagements as long as major powers fail to provide necessary support

"These 17 people seem to have the life sucked out of them."
Piyush Mordia, Uttar Pradesh police chief, on a raid that found captive migrant workers who were held in a farmhouse and forced to give blood to supply nearby hospitals

"New Life for Sale!"
Listing for Australian philosophy student Nicael Holt's online auction, which promised his name, phone number, job, social circle and worldly possessions to the highest eBay bidder

"What wonderful fiction … any historian will tell you that it's virtually impossible to prove ancestry through the Middle Ages."
Dr. Katie Stevenson,medieval-studies scholar at Scotland's St Andrews University, on recent claims by Sen. John McCain that he's descended from the warrior-king Robert the Bruce

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