"I didn't go down shooting like a Rambo GI Jane."
Former U.S. soldier Jessica Lynch, debunking tales of her heroism in Iraq propagated by the military "Given another life, I think he'd have been a farmer." David Wilson, a farmer near the royal family's Highgrove estate, on Prince Charles's passion for organic food

"Could Darwin have been wrong? Why do so many of our statesmen have calloused knuckles?"
Novelist Gore Vidal, on growing anti-intellectualist sentiment in the United States

"I think America is ready for a multilingual president."
Hillary Clinton, after adopting a Southern accent while campaigning in South Carolina

"We want to create a site that allows people to ... share something with new friends, to share pain and loneliness."
Luo Chuan, the new chief executive of in China, which ran a test launch last week

"Does this mean you don't like football anymore, Mike?"
Los Angeles Times sportswriter Mike Penner's Welsh barber, Robert, responding to the journalist's decision to undergo gender-reassignment surgery. Penner recently told readers that he would return from vacation as "Christine."

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