Perspectives: Quotes in the News

"I'm going to be in Crawford with my feet up."
United States President George W. Bush, on his post-White House plans

"I guess we can call this nonviolent chemical warfare."
Paul Watson , an animal-rights protester whose group, Sea Shepherd, hurled bottles of rancid butter and packets of unidentified slippery chemicals onto the deck of a Japanese whaling ship

"I'd rather spend my money on my genome than on a Bentley or an airplane."
Biotechnology entrepreneur and millionaire Dan Stoicescu, who became the second person ever to purchase his entire genetic sequence, for $350,000

"He said I tasted better than oven-baked potato. That was great."
Susan Ruusunen , writing about her affair with Finland's Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen. Last week, a court cleared Ruusunen of any wrongdoing for publishing her kiss-and-tell memoir.

"I voted for Medvedev because Zhirinovsky is ridiculous, Zyuganov is too old and I don't know who Bogdanov is."
Viktor Fomenkov , a machine operator in Moscow, explaining his pick among limited choices in the Russian presidential elections

"A woman comes in, a man goes out. That's how the quota works, that's the law."
Kjell Erik Oie , Norway's deputy minister of Children and Equality, on the country's new mandate that 40 percent of CEOs be female